Sfaturi pentru noua generație

Am extras două paragrafe ce m-au inspirat din [1].

Primul m-a făcut să realizez că graba sau anxietatea pe care o resimt nu e justificată. Că rezultatele apar pe termen lung și că este important să mă bucur de investițiile pe care le în prezent.

Optimize for your 40s, not your 20s & 30s

Going back to the original question. How do we career plan in our 20s? Answer: your 20s and 30s are all about investing in yourself, preparing for your 40s. When you are 40, will you have done everything possible to optimize your impact, your earnings, and your future joy? Will you look back and wish you did things differently?

Al doilea mi-a dat de gândit legat de modul în care ne pregătește scoala pentru a gestiona cu incertitudinea.

The office is another classroom

You spent the first 20 years of your life learning in classrooms. School is well structured with courses, levels, exams, and teachers. If you did well, you figured out how to study, take tests, and pay attention in class.

The job setting is another place to learn, but unlike school, requires a completely new set of tools to harness your education. It’s not a structured learning environment. There aren’t formal tests, classes or intense study sessions. You have to learn on your own, create your own lessons and courses, and seek out the teachers.


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